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P.P.S.  Here are some insider tips on these popular items -  Reusable BagsReusable Cups and Reusable Water Bottles


Sustainable Gifts

 More and more people prefer their take-away coffee in keep cups, and carry their groceries in attractive tote bags. Users of eco products like water bottles and lunch containers demonstrate they care about the environment. The eco gifts are long-lasting, walking billboards for your brand. 

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Whether you are raising funds for your school, for your church or for a particular charity Promotional Products for Fundraisers are a proven way to influence the public to contribute to your cause. Whether the event is a fun run, a car wash or an auction, the primary aim is to get people to engage and support your fundraising event. 

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Promotional Marketing

Businesses see promotional products as a low cost marketing tool for attracting more potential customers and developing longer term relationships with existing clients. Whether a global company, small business or startup, promotional products provide a cost-effective way to establish a brand. 

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Conference and event promotional materials (aka Swag Bag) provide event organizers with a fantastic opportunity to create a memorable event brand. Everyone likes freebies and event goers will most certainly appreciate walking away with a bag full of free knickknacks and other useful items they didn’t have to pay for.  

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Real Estate

Your relationships with your customers are the core of your business. When your client make what might be the largest purchase decision of their lives, they value your trust and expertise as well as any informational guidance you can give them. Giving clients well thought out promotional gifts further cements these relationships.

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Reusable Cups

Most people now are aware of the benefits of using reusable cups instead of single use cups for the sake of the environment and there are many choices when it comes to choosing cups and also many price points. Here are some of your options.  

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Reusable Bags

 Banning the single use plastic bag has been successful in preventing nearly 1.5 billion bags from entering the environment in the last six months.  It has contributed to a huge change in peoples shopping habits and the way they view plastic usage.  Providing reusable bags with your company branding aligns your company with these worthwhile efforts. 

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Reusable Water Bottles

This is a popular and increasingly important promotional product range as we all become more aware of the damage that single use plastic is causing our environment. Aligning your company with good environmental practices such as providing reusable water bottles, promotes goodwill among your customers and employees alike.

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